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Almost 4 years ago when I moved back home to Hatteras from New York City I came across these two gorgeous, inspiring, bubbly and extremely fit beach babes, Karena & Katrina; the founders of Tone It Up. Their energy was incredible and I was immediately intrigued in learning everything about them and their business. If you haven’t ever heard of Tone it Up or Karena & Katrina, they are business partners and best friends that have built Tone it Up, a health and fitness brand now recognized all over the world. They have created a community with millions of women now following their weekly workout schedules & videos, checking in with each other everyday on social media, purchasing the nutrition plan that educates you on how to properly fuel your body to see maximum results, using their protein powder to make their famous protein pancakes, buying their DVD’S of workouts, their new beauty products and SOO much more! Karena and Katrina have brought a fresh approach to the fitness world making you truly look forward to not only your workouts but living your very best life.

Tone It Up | Karena and Katrina

After 4 years of being part of this community, I still am amazed everyday at how hard these girls and the rest of their growing team work to release SO much content on all different areas of health, fitness, fashion, beauty, traveling and more. I follow many other online fitness trainers but nothing else is quite like Tone it Up. They truly promote you to live you absolute best life and how balance amongst everything is key.  And don’t let their personalities fool you, their workouts will kick your butt. Especially when you give it 110% using weights that challenge your body and complete all the combined workouts they suggest for the day. You will feel it. My favorite workouts are the Kettlebell routines and the HIIT routines. Also, they recently teamed up with SELF magazine and created another program that’s intense too! You can always find a good schedule to work for you!

Tone It Up | Karena and Katrina

Currently they are doing an 8 week challenge where not only do they provide a free weekly workout schedule but also a full 8 week guide of meal planning. They give suggestions for every meal of the day for a full 8 weeks to follow along with their workouts. It’s pretty amazing! You can purchase the nutrition plan in regular, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, and gluten free vegetarian.  Personally, I only follow certain workout suggestions for the week because I have my own routine of mixing in pilates by another online trainer, a lot of yoga, and beach runs with my pup…..AND they encourage that!  They encourage everyone to take their weekly schedule suggestions and make it work for you and the other workouts you like to incorporate into your fitness regimen.  This is the beauty of Tone it up, it’s ever-changing in the most positive way to keep you motivated and inspired everyday! So if you haven’t already, check them out…it’s worth it! 🙂

What online trainers do you love?  Do you have any health and fitness tips that you want to share?  I love learning about my friends workout regimen and keeping each other inspired.  Comment below with your favorite things and/or share this post if you love Karena & Katrina and the Tone It Up Community too!



Tone It Up – Karena & Katrina

Tone It Up | Karena and Katrina