Philosophy & Process

If you were to ask me what I thought was the most important thing in life, my answer would be relationships….

I was born and raised on Hatteras Island, a small strip of land off the Eastern Coast of North Carolina – a native to the town of Buxton.  It comes only natural for me to give everyone a very neighborly welcome.  It is from this community and my family’s example that I learned my most valuable skill for my profession as a photographer: forming genuine relationships.

My philosophy and style of photography is to tell your unique story in a beautiful, creative, passionate, and artistic way while simply documenting real life moments as they happen.  As no person, relationship, vision or wedding day is alike, each wedding I photograph is different but my approach is always the same.

Taking the time to truly get to know each person I get the opportunity to work with is why I am always confident that I will capture the moments that truly matter the most.  Knowing your love story, your vision, your unique relationship, your most valued details is what inspires me.

The way your dad looks at you while giving you away at the alter, the look on your soon to be life partners face while you are walking down the isle, the excitement of starting a new family, the gathering of friends and family that haven’t been together like this in years and the light tears of joy as you take in each moment.  These are the moments.  That I adore…and cherish, for you.  And the most beautiful part on my end is being able to deliver these moments back to you so you can re-live your day all over again and again and again.

Making this true connection with my clients is what allows me to produce timeless, honest images.  I can anticipate the subtle moments and delicate interactions that might otherwise go unnoticed.  Documenting life and producing images that no one will ever forget.

I hope I get the chance to document your love story.

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