Our World, Our Business

 I have always been in love with the idea of capturing moments. I remember when I was a little girl my dad always had a camera within reaching distance. He had a way of documenting our entire life growing up and never missing a beat. I think it was having the opportunity to look through all of the pictures of my childhood memories with my parents, sisters, the animals, playing sports, summer beach days, going fishing, trying my first oyster, licking the brownie bowl clean and so much more that made me realize at a very young age how important these photographs truly were.

I loved to pull out my old shoeboxes of photos on a Friday night and just smile at our memories. Once I got a little bit older in my teen years I remember being so eager to earn money to purchase my first camera after experimenting with all of the older film and video cameras my dad has collected over the years.  And once I got it, it never left my hand.  Even though it wasn’t until after my year living in NYC that I started professionally shooting weddings and portrait sessions, I have always been in love with capturing life’s precious moments.

I graduated East Carolina University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing with a minor in Business Marketing. I then moved to New York, New York to further pursue my dreams in the world of fashion. I quickly realized exactly who I was and who I wanted to be during my year living in the most amazing city in the world.

I loved fashion but I also enjoyed the simplest things in life more. I loved the city hype but nothing beat a quiet relaxing day fishing on the beach with just my pups and me. I loved new trends and walking the streets of soho admiring so many unique humans and window-shopping but love a bikini, flip-flops and camera in hand more. I loved everything about the culture, live music, and ever changing scenery but my heart didn’t belong there, it belonged at the beach back on Hatteras Island.

That was when my business started.

I fell more in love with the simplicity and beauty of moments that pass us by so so quickly that truly make you stop and think…… just how lucky we are to be alive. Once I started sharing more of these moments I was documenting…is when it all truly began. My followers are genuine, loving people that feel a strong connection to my photographs. People feel a connection with a situation that they know nothing about because of my way of photojournalism and the story behind each image. I am so grateful everyday knowing I get to wake up everyday and follow my dreams.

Since forming Caroline Jarvis Photography I’ve carved out a niche that caters specifically to fun loving clients who want their honest moments documented throughout their wedding days, gorgeous engagement sessions and in the company of mother nature as much as possible. It is myself and my teams mission to provide outstanding service, express life in to our images, and keep our hearts in the right place to ensure we never tire of the very thing we love most about our business.

There are many options when choosing your perfect Outer Banks photographer, someone who not only documents your connection but provides you with images that will evoke memories for a lifetime and serve as a reminder of the joy you experienced during a particular stage in your life. The time to create artwork of your family is now, when our loved ones are with us and together to share a moment under the sun. This is how we work.

A boutique wedding & lifestyle photography company on the Outer Banks

Caroline Jarvis Photography is a boutique wedding & lifestyle photography company located on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina, and in order to maintain our standard of service we limit the number of weddings and portraits we shoot each month. This keeps everyone happy – we enter each wedding day and session with enthusiasm and inspiration, giving 110% to our clients who invest in our services.

We spend a lot of time post-processing, doing all work in house because to us, creating the finished product is one of the most rewarding aspects of image delivery.  It’s a lot of work, but we love it, and want to make sure it stays that way.

It’s taken us awhile to figure out what works for us, and now we’re in a happy place. Knowing our boundaries allows us to maximize our work life balance and enjoy life and thrive on our islands and not burn out – that balance is the reason we all maintain our positive attitude and how we ensure there is always heart behind our business and the images we produce.

Caroline Jarvis Photography is my full time job and the business is fully insured.

For more detailed information on our wedding photography services and our philosophy and process of the wedding experience, click here.

Candid shooting style….with direction

While we do gather a selection of posed group shots, our Island portrait style is primarily documentary, meaning we gently pose while allowing the kids to run around and have fun because that’s when the most meaningful portraits happen! You’ll come away with a variety of images reflecting your true family dynamic. If your session needs more posing, such as maternity shoot or trash the dress session, we provide constant, flowing direction making you feel natural and assured that you’re looking your best in the images we create together.

Every one of your portrait images is edited to our signature style, so expect a collection of diverse, beautiful images with pastel tones and perfect poses.

An island portrait experience

We create an experience for each of our clients and make sure you not only come away with beautiful images but a great experience for all. We often hear from dads that the session was fun, nothing like they imagined a portrait would be. We have the ability to pull your child’s personality out in a few minutes’ time, and know when to give them space.

We want to provide you with such a great experience that you come back year after year to update your family portraits, and we value our clients as friends. Whether it’s catching up over coffee when you’re next on the island or taking more photos, we want to forge friendships out of the relationships we have with our clients and put a high emphasis on great service and connection.

Kids at heart

The lighthearted laughter you see in our images is real. We always show up with a smile and can turn stiff shoulders in to genuine laughter in a matter of minutes!

If you are ready to save the date for your wedding, simply click here.  If you are interested in booking our services for a different event or session, please email us directly at email@carolinejarvis.com.