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Ocracoke Flounder :) AKA a 8lb 13oz big ol' Corncrake Doormat!

Ocracoke Flounder :) AKA a 8lb 13oz big ol’ Corncrake Doormat!

Y'all.....seeing this monster laying on the sand that night in Ocracoke was just wild!  We were in shock when we first walked up but without hesitation, I gigged him QUICK!  And he was so big and strong that he bent our single speared gig almost in the shape of an L!  We were soaked from all the splashing and craziness going on while trying to move [...]
Red Drum Fishing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina :)

Red Drum Fishing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina :)

Did you know that North Carolina designated the Red Drum, also known as, The Channel Bass as the official salt water fish in 1971. And did you also know that the World Record Largest Red Drum Fish was caught off the beaches of Hatteras Island?! Pretty awesome! :) Check out the picture and part of an article I attached below.... Largest Red Drum [...]
Ocracoke Island Wedding - Mr. & Mrs. Aiken

Ocracoke Island Wedding – Mr. & Mrs. Aiken

Mr. & Mrs. Aiken Vendors Coordinator: Ocracoke Style - Lisa Venue: The Berkley Manor Officiant: Ocracoke Style - Lisa Catering: Zillie's Catering Cakes & Confections: Zillie's Catering Florist: Ocracoke Style Hair Stylist/Salon: Salon Jobell - Chandler and Tabitha Make Up Artist: Creative Ballance Salon and Boutique - Charidy DJ: Coastal DJ and[...]
Erick & Shannon O'Neal's Wedding in Ocracoke, NC

Erick & Shannon O’Neal’s Wedding in Ocracoke, NCPhotographed by Caroline Jarvis Photography

Erick & Shannon O'Neals Wedding in Ocracoke, NC There are moments in your life that are so special that you already are thinking in your mind right then, “wow, this moment is one that I will cherish forever” and that’s how we all felt the day that we got to share Erick and Shannon O’Neal’s wedding day in Ocracoke with their fathers, Hubert O'Neal & Paul Dunn [...]
Surprise Proposal in Ocracoke, NC

Surprise Proposal in Ocracoke, NCFuture Mr. & Mrs. Brokaw

Surprise Proposal in Ocracoke, NC It was a gorgeous summer day.  Blue skies, calm winds, teal waters, and low tide at sunset with so many ferry's all throughout the Hatteras Inlet.  I even had butterflies in my stomach.  I was traveling over to Ocracoke to document Ken's surprise proposal to his now, fiancé, Emily Burke, soon to be....Mrs. Brokaw :)  Ken had contacte[...]