Erick & Shannon O’Neal’s Wedding in Ocracoke, NCPhotographed by Caroline Jarvis Photography

Erick & Shannon O’Neals Wedding in Ocracoke, NC

There are moments in your life that are so special that you already are thinking in your mind right then, “wow, this moment is one that I will cherish forever” and that’s how we all felt the day that we got to share Erick and Shannon O’Neal’s wedding day in Ocracoke with their fathers, Hubert O’Neal & Paul Dunn and their dog, Shea too, of course :).

Their fathers were unable to travel to Costa Rica for the celebrations so Erick and Shannon both knew they would want to throw another big wedding party in Ocracoke to have everyone present that they loved so much.  It was absolutely beautiful having the chance to watch Paul walk Shannon down the isle and Shea wander around Erick & Shannon as they said their vows underneath the most beautiful oak tree.

It meant so much to everyone that wasn’t able to go on the trip to Costa in February to celebrate their marriage with them and they suuuuuure do know how to throw a party.  With all the amazing food catered from different restaurants around Ocracoke, music by the band, “The Dune Dogs” with the help from Jack Junior, the gorgeous cake made by Donna with “Cake Hatteras“, flowers made by Ike, Shannon’s hair and make up done by the beautiful Danielle Corbett and ALL the planning done by Kenny Ballance, It was the most perfect O’Neal wedding!

 Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. O’Neal 🙂 We all love you so much!

Erick and Shannon O’Neal’s Wedding