Cape Point – Buxton, NCCape Hatteras

Cape Point – Buxton, NC

The Cape Point in Buxton, NC, part of the beautiful Outer Banks, truly is like no where else in this world.  I feel so lucky and grateful everyday to be a native of this little island town.  Driving out to Cape Point on my lunch break the past few days has felt like a mini Caribbean vacation 🙂   The shape of the actual point and the island off of it right now is phenomenal!  If you get the chance to go check it out, you need to!

It’s so gorgeous and so many people are taking full advantage of kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding and even swimming across to the other side!  It’s like our own little private island with the best sand, seashells and sea.  The fisherman have been mighty happy out there the past few weeks too!  One of my favorite parts about me and the pups little cape point beach adventures is getting to meet so many different wonderful families along the way.  It’s always such a small world when you start small talking with people because somehow or someway you can find so many ways to relate to one another.  Almost every person I spoke to said, “wait, I know you dad, Ollie at Dillonscorner and he always sends us up to Fisherman’s Daughter and we met your mom too” and “your gorgeous Grandmom at the Outer Banks Motel, we stay there every year and we have been coming down here for 30 years.”  It’s so wild to hear stories from people who’ve been visiting all their life and truly love the simple pleasures of our island and especially beach days on Cape Point.

 I couldn’t stop capturing the simplicity and beauty of cape point and mother nature so I wanted to share it with you all 🙂 !  You will see I have attached A LOT of pictures just from the past two days.  June 5th, 2017 and June 6th, 2017.  Feel free to share this post or even click on an individual photograph to share it with your friends and family!

Till the next Cape Point Adventure….


Cape Point – Buxton, NC




  • Ty Roach said:

    Love your pictures. I'm in one of them (the guy in the orange kayak). Everything you sad is true - Hatteras Island is beautiful and so are your pictures! Great job!