Mr. & Mrs. Wood108 Budleigh Wedding

Mr. & Mrs. Wood

Wedding Venue: 108 Budleigh

First Look Location: The Roanoke Island Inn

Officiant: Michelle Robertson

Catering: Black Pelican

Cakes & Confections: Sugar Berry Sweets

Florist: The Embellishers

Hair Stylist/Salon & Make Up Artist: Salty Hair Salon

DJ: DJ Bruce, I Do Entertainment and DJ services

Photo Booth: 10 Fish Photo Booth

Linens/Chairs: Metro Rentals

Tuxes: By The Sea Wedding Boutique


Congratulations to Jonathan & Nicole Wood on such a beautiful and perfect wedding day celebrated in Manteo, NC at 108 Budleigh on April 29th, 2017.  It was such a gorgeous Spring day and Cash and I were so honored to be by their sides throughout the day documenting the many special moments shared between all of their family and friends.  We were so eager to share some highlights from their breath-taking first look to their first kiss the all of the heartfelt and hilarious dancing photos to follow.  We loved being there for it all.  I also wanted to share a little note that Nicole had written a few days after the wedding when she had time to sit back and reflect upon all of the love and joy she felt throughout the process of her and Jonathan planning this beautiful wedding day.
“It has taken me some time to post anything because I needed to reflect and emotionally recover from this roller coaster ride!
When you get engaged, you’re just so excited to be engaged. Then you start planning, and although exciting can be very stressful. Then in the closer weeks/days leading up you are just so excited that the event you’ve been thinking about you’re whole life and have been planning for the last 15 months is finally here. Then when the big day is finally here & goes completely perfectly, it goes by soooo fast. In the days following although I was thrilled with the way everything turned out and elated to actually just be married, there is still a little bit of sadness and depression that now it’s all over. Now that I’m feeling back to normal I feel I can properly thank everyone. The day was perfect. Jonathan and I we’re a little untraditional in the sense that we did a “first look”. This is where you meet up privately before the ceremony to see each other have some time alone and take photos. I wasn’t at all nervous before this part. I was drinking mimosas, getting ready with my best girlfriends, then it was time to go and my nerves kicked in. On the way to the first look I got really emotional because it hit me that that’s the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life. The first look was my favorite part of the day. The suspense of seeing Jonathan turned around waiting to see me, and the intimacy of it. HUGE thank you to Caroline and Cash for making us feel so comfortable during that time and all throughout our process of working together. It was really important for us to have someone we know marry us, rather than just pick an officiant off the internet. So although she isn’t a professional, Michelle agreed to marry us & we could not be more happy that she did. It felt so good standing up there surrounded by loved ones and having her marry us as someone whom we know and love & feels the same way about us, it was very special and I can’t thank you enough, Michelle.
Thank you so much to all my bridesmaids!!!!! As I have been friends with you all for 10+ years, there are no other people I’d rather have had standing by my side. From all the planning, and shower, and shopping, and just listening to me & accommodating me for the last 15 months, I owe y’all BIG time. I will never forget the kindness and love you’ve all showed me during this time in my life & I love you all so much! I know it was so important to Jonathan to have his best guys up there with him as well. You all had to travel to be here & I know Jonathan and myself are so happy you did! I feel like I am so much closer to all of you now & will always consider you all family.
To our parents and family Thank you for all of your love and support. For all the help during the wedding process and for giving us both an environment to learn about love. I know most of you also had to travel near and far to be here and it means so much to us that everyone made it.
My mom who’s not on Facebook, basically helped me make my wedding dreams come true. Every idea I had and every vision came to life because of her. It was exactly how I pictured everything in my mind and it was because of her ability to understand it and execute it. We probably would’ve been married in an empty field if it wasn’t for her help so for that I will be thanking her until the end of time.
And of course to all of our wonderful friends, thank you thank you thank you! It means the world to us that you all came and we’re apart of our day. A couple of months before our wedding I was talking with someone who was recently married and he said the most awesome part about your wedding will be looking around and realizing everyone you love is in the same room, having a great time, and they all came because they love you. He could not have been more right!!
My awesome vendors also deserve a huge thank you!! Gail at The Embellishers did the most amazing job, all the flowers were absolutely georgous! The catering team at Black Pelican crushed it with the food & service. Shoutout to DJ Bruce Jones for totally understanding what we were going for without me basically having to do anything at all & the MCing was awesome! The girls at Salty Hair salon & my friend Chelsie Teftt for helping beautify my ladies and I. I showed Esther like 20 different photos and said “i like all of these” and she helped achieve the perfect bridal look I had pictured in my mind. Frieda who made the most amazing desserts. When I was tasting wedding cake and I hated it all. Frieda is a friend of mine who has a passion for baking and uses amazing quality ingredients. If y’all want to check her out she is opening a sweet shop on the waterfront in Duck this summer! Caroline and Cash, I literally do not have enough amazing things to say. Caroline goes wayyy above and beyond for her clients doing anything and everything to make them feel comfortable and stress free. I can not thank you enough & imagine using you to take photos of my family for years to come. I CAN NOT WAIT to see these photos!!!!!
and JESSIE, omg Jessie, Thank you so much of putting up with me, keeping me on track, helping me not stress, and being the most fun wedding coordinator EVER! We had to have so many meetings & they were the most fun, shopping together, our coffee “meetings”, tanning & more. You totally understood me and were my rock!We had the best day and will remember it for the rest of our lives. It could not have been more perfect & we have never felt so loved.”
***A little tip on browsing through all of the photos below….if you want to see the full photograph and click through the entire album in order, click on the first photo and use your arrow keys to scroll through the entire day 🙂
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    Caroline & Cash

    Awesome photos - absolutely stunning evening with great friends and family!
    Thank you for capturing beautiful memories :)