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Friday Favorites

If there’s one thing I truly miss after starting my photography business, it’s working in Fisherman’s Daughter with my momma and all the amazing ladies that are a part of the shop!  Everyday felt so fresh, new and beautiful!  Fisherman’s Daughter carries such a unique variety of merchandise from women’s clothing for any type of event or a casual day on the beach to handbags, tons of jewelry at every price range, bath soaps and scrubs, to decorations for your home or a perfect gift for a loved one, christmas ornaments, little trinkets, handmade pottery and so much more!  Customer’s will always come in and tell us “we vacation here every year and this is one of our favorite must stop shops…..we could spend days in here.”  Which is always so wonderful to hear 🙂

So one of the reasons I wanted to share this post with you all today was because I was in complete AWE when I walked into the shop this year.  Every year my mom and I talk about how we feel the store just keeps getting better and better and this year has for sure been one of our favorites. She has gotten in so much new brands and the CUTEST clothing for all ages and I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite things!  Today I’m starting with some of the bath soaps, diffusers and creams because they have been my obsession now for weeks and my skin is absolutely loving all the natural and fresh ingredients.  Also, stick around for the end of this post to learn about the discount offered if ya mention this blog post and go into the store for some goodies 🙂

Beach Daisy Botanical Reed Diffuser

So, y’all, seriously…..this beach daisy botanical reed diffuser….is, AMAZING.  Its subtle and sweet and has our home smelling so dreamy.  My favorite part is it’s not too powerful where you feel overwhelmed by a scent when you walk in to a room.  Also, how cute are the little flowers and seashells in the bottle!  I’m obsessed with how cute it is and it’s made our home feel more summery and light for the new season!  As you can tell, I’m in love 🙂


Dramatic square bottles generously filled with highly concentrated fragrance and real spices, fruits & botanicals.

Carefree Beach Daisy brightly introduces itself with a spritz of sunny citrus notes.  Beautiful blue-green ocean waves bring a salty tinge to an aquatic floral accord while a cascade of sweet, smooth vanilla creates a dreamy finish.

Made with: daisies, shells, essential and high quality fragrance oils.

Each 13 oz. bottle comes with a decorative wooden cap and 10 reeds. The fragrance will last 6-9 months.

Cedar Wood Soap

Next is this cedar wood soap!  First, I’m absolutely obsessed, again, with how adorable this little soap is!  I am a sucker for cute packing and marking and the inscription and axe on the soap is just SO adorable.  Okay, but seriously, lets talk about the benefits and smell of the cedar wood.  LADIES, attention, if your man lacks on deodorant skills and you love the smell of cedar wood, buy him this!  It’s used as a soap and body deodorant all in one and if you could sniff this through the screen, you would buy it immediately, it’s that wonderful!  Plus read the natural benefits below and you will be even more intrigued!  Your man will love it!


Cedar Wood Oil expands the heart chakra

The Cedar Wood soap with its warm, woody aroma promotes a sense of grounding.

The word Cedras means “power” symbolized by the golden axe of the Cedar Wood Soap.

Used by Sumerians, Egyptians, Tibetans and Native Americans for its aromatic effect on the mind and spirit, cedar wood oil (Cedras Atlantica) extracted from the bark brings on the release of toxins and promotes circulation. This makes it an enhancing extract for the skin and hair. Cedar Wood oil is an effective natural insect repellant.



Coffee Soap

Next would be this coffee soap!  I have always been in love with creating my own exfoliants at home with essential oils, coffee grinds, coconut oil, sugar, etc. and now I finally feel like there is a product out there that i LOVE and I can trust to treat my skin with love!  I can’t tell you how smooth you skin will feel after a few washes with this cute little bar!  Beware, you might become addicted 🙂


Besides giving an invigorating external coffee boost with its deep, satisfying, and warm aroma, the Coffee Soap’s ground beans load up the skin with antioxidants. The caffeine targets fine lines, redness, puffy skin, and plays a crucial role in cell regrowth. Washing with the pure power of the Coffee Soap, with its bits of ground coffee bean, will reveal smooth skin all over your face and body.

Coconut Soap

 This could quite possibly be one of my favorites things, ever.  My skin has never felt so soft from using these products but one special element of the coconut soap is that it actually contains little pieces of the hair of the coconut as helping exfoliate your skin, AMAZING!  I love this so much and I know you all will too!


For dry skin, coconut oil improves moisture and lipid content. The Coconut Soap, rich with this plant-based oil, easily removes makeup. The vitamin E in the oil enhances skin nourishment. The micro bits of coconut shell remove dead skin cells. The Coconut Soap will deep cleanse and nurture your skin.



Swedish Dream® Seaweed Hand Crème

Proudly Made In the USA
Brittle nail beds, rough fingertips, and dry knuckles are no match for this luxurious hand crème. Our rich blend of 20% natural shea butter combined with infusions of sunflower, lavender, calendula, and olive oil provide deep moisture with a non-greasy finish. Our classic, clean, sea lily & kelp scent will transport you to your favorite seaside while remaining free of phthalates, parabens, and sulfates. Keep one in your bag, bathroom, car, and desk drawer for shipshape soft hands year-round.


Okay, who doesn’t love a bath bomb!  And what child of yours, doesn’t love a bath bomb!  Talk about a bath incentive 🙂  Izzy and Talan I think take a weeks worth of bath time when we throw one of these fun bath bombs in there!  They smell SO delicious and make the simple things in life even that much more fun!  We carry all of the flavors in the store and people are buying these like crazy already!  They are perfect gifts and they have the cutest packing too!

Growing up, we always loved using fizzing bath bombs. But we couldn’t help but feel a little bit sad when a bomb finished dissolving because, well… it was gone. So we decided to create our own line of bath bombs that each contain a fun surprise in the middle! Now isn’t that way more exciting than a bath bomb that just disappears? (We think so!) We also wanted to keep our bombs as natural as possible, so we make them ourselves using just a few simple, high quality ingredients.

Okay so there are some of my favorite products that I’m loving so much right now!  I know that we all tend to look online for products when we live on a small island, but always remember to check out your local shops!  It’s so important to support your local places and at least give them a little visit once in a while on some free time when ya feel like browsing. There are so many new products for you all to see! 🙂  Wait until I share my next favorites post with you all on some of the clothing!  Ladies, y’all will be so excited to come in!

Also, if you mention this blog post, you will receive 10% OFF your next purchase 🙂  And don’t forget to check out Dillon’s Corner in Buxton too because they always have more items for the men, fishing, beach adventures, and even a lot more items for the ladies this year as well! 🙂

Comment below and share this post with your family and friends and especially anyone who might be visiting this summer that loves a unique ladies boutique!

Happy Friday!



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