Sea Turtles – Cape Hatteras National SeashoreDig & Release

Sea Turtles on Cape Hatteras National Seashore

by Caroline Jarvis Photography

🐢😍 guys! I could see baby sea turtles everyday and my heart would still melt every single time. Such an awesome little dude! To see him flapping his flippers and preparing for the deep blue….makes me so in awe! I just love them. Good luck little guy 🐢💦🌴🌾I love Hatteras🌾

As I was leaving a photoshoot last night near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, I drove to the point and made it just in time to watch the Rangers dig up a sea turtle nesting! They pull out all the hatched eggs and any sea turtles that didn’t make it out the nest and to the ocean! Then they release them together at the end of the night! It’s an amazing experience to see! Even though it’s so cool seeing baby turtles come out of the hole…it’s not what you want to see! You want to see all broken eggs where every turtle made it to the deep blue on its own so they can all make the journey together! But most of the time there are a few that need extra help! So that’s when the Park Rangers come in and help dig the hole and release them together.

Last night there were 3 baby sea turtles that were dug up from the nesting hole and almost 200 eggs total! How amazing would it be to be under the ocean and witness almost 200 baby sea turtles making the journey together?! I would just die y’all! I love them so much! Anyways, little knowledge for ya if u didn’t know 😘😘😘