Beach Breaks – Hatteras Island, NC

hi guys! I haven’t posted in a week so I wanted to share an image of my lunch break today ? yes, 10 minute beach breaks are a thing when you are sitting on your bum behind the computer all week. I also wanted to share my feelings towards social media and how I feel that it is draining and overrated most of the time. I love sharing little snip bits from my life and my photography but it gets tiring. Especially when you run a business that relies a lot of your website, daily posts, blogs, marketing and more.

There are so many days where I just want to hide away after I finish up my businesses work and then play with my pup, go to the beach, do yoga, cook, write, read, relax and turn off my phone. We live in a world today where most of our jobs make that a hard reality. It’s crazy the amount of time people spend staring aimlessly into their phone…..So this is my post….a photograph from 10 minutes of my day since I thought you wouldn’t want to see the other 90% of my day where I’m sitting in sweatpants listening to meditation music and editing photos and answering emails. that is all. have a wonderful day  xo

Buxton Beach Breaks

Beach Breaks with Buxton in Buxton - Caroline Jarvis Photography

I love my little teddy bear buxton, click here to see one of my favorite videos of when he was just a little lad 🙂  And there are lots more where that came from so check back every now and again.  Also, if you like this post about social media and small breaks that keep us sane during the crazy times; comment below and/or share this video and let me know if you would like to see more.