Catching Bluefish in Hatteras, North Carolina in my BOAT :)

Once you find one Bluefish, you’re in there! πŸ™‚ Because most of the time once you’ve found one, you’ve found a ton! They swim in big schools and you will see them jumping and swimming together and ready to eat! And most of the time you will see them feeding on little bait fish in the water and see all the birds diving in the water too! Bluefish put up such a strong fight and are SO FUN to catch! Just be careful when ya get um in the boat because they’ve got sharp teeth and are tough little rascals! Bluefish are fighters!

The picture above is from one of my absolute favorite days I’ve ever had fishing in my boat ever since I bought it last year! We were heading out to go trout fishing and came across a school of Bluefish and it was JUST WILD! They were jumping and biting everyone’s baits and we were catching um like crazy! My niece was forever hooked on fishing after that day because at 9 years old….she casted her own rod, hooked her own fish and reeled it in and we scooped it up in the dip net! I’ll add the video of her in at the end of the post! πŸ™‚

I had all our rods rigged up with soft plastics for trout fishing when we ran across the bluefish school….so we just threw those out there but they will quickly demolish those!! If we were strictly trying to target Bluefish instead of trout I would have used a different artificial lure, spoon or jig. But they will eat a lot of different baitfish so a variety of things will work….they will bite almost anything!

Y’all…I JUST LOVE IT! I seriously can’t explain how much fun it is when you come across a school of Bluefish! They are such a fun catch and put up such a strong fight and it just gets crazy! haha! It’s everything you can do to keep your line in the water when they are biting that good! Especially if you have a day like we had….we had 6 people in my boat, dogs and dinner! haha πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ yea….think about it! 4 rods in the water, kids, dogs, and bluefish biting like crazy! It was fun but always just make sure your safe when you have a lot of people and your fishing in a boat!

A lot of people aren’t a big fan of eating Bluefish but I think you’ve just got to eat it SUPER fresh! Like filet it and eat it that night! After you catch Bluefish, it’s really important to put them on ice in your cooler and don’t let them sit in bloody water and when you filet the fish…I always make sure to cut out the bloodline. I’m a huge fan of smoked bluefish, bluefish dip and also just baking it in the oven with olive oil, lemon and whatever spices ya like! I love it all! Catch it, clean it, cook it, eat it πŸ™‚ Cheers!

Baked Bluefish!

Izzy’s Fish!