Live your best life, everydayOuter Banks, NC

Yesterday I was reminded again at just how short life can be and how you need to live your best life, everyday. It wasn’t anything that happened to my family or even a person that I had ever met.  A complete stranger that shared her battles through social media with a heart and smile the size of this world. She had a inspiring tone of voice and sparkle when she spoke even though she was knowingly about to leave this earth.  We all have people that we love struggling everyday and there are a few people on this island I hold dear to my heart and my thoughts everyday.

I know some of you may stop reading and go on with your day but I encourage everyone to truly take a moment every day and think about your days, how you spend your time, what you say, how you act, what you eat, and so much more. Realize that at any given moment, you could lose someone you love. Treat each day as a gift and be a breath of fresh air to everybody, everyday.

Live your best life, everyday. Sunset adventures by Caroline Jarvis Photography

This photograph above was taken last July a few days after Independence Day when the sky was filled in every direction you would look with the most beautiful pastel colors from oranges to pinks to purples to yellows, it was breath-taking.  I hope everyone gets a chance to visit our gorgeous island someday.

Live your best life, everyday

Live your best life, everyday. Sunset adventures by Caroline Jarvis Photography


“Because life is not complicated.  We are complicated.  When we stop trying to doing everything at once, life becomes simple again, and we become successful again, one sane moment at a time.”

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  • Jami said:

    I love your philosophy, Caroline! Your photos are infused with it, too, and it's all very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.