Instagram is changing……tomorrow.

Instagram is changing…..tomorrow.  Yes, it’s true.  And to be honest, I kind of feel strange and stupid even talking about this…because this is VERY insignificant compared to “real” problems.  This is very egotistical towards the platform of instagram and it’s algorithm behavior.  It’s all about people seeing your specific content whether it’s for personal or business use or both.  Let’s be honest, if you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur or large company….instagram is HUGE.  Instagram and using hashtags has absolutely been the best way to share content with viewers all over the world that have interest in specific content.  It’s been the best tool for discovering other people, businesses and brands but now…it’s changing.  Of course it is….because they will make more money.

It defeats the full purpose of the name….”insta” as in instant content.  As in, the content you wanted to see would be what people are posting at that moment, in chronological order of who you follow.  But, it’s all changing.  You will no longer see the posts in chronological order.  You will ONLY see what “instagram” THINKS you want to see by your behavior.  The pictures you like and comment on the most.  It will basically perform and act just like Facebook now.  How what is in your newsfeed are people that you visit the most, like the most, and comment on.  But, there is a way you CAN continue to see everyone’s post in your newsfeed…it will just take A LONG time to do it.  Because you will have to individually go to their profile OR when you see their picture on your newsfeed, click on the top little dots and change your preferences for that person and “turn on Post Notifications.”  As in, following them doesn’t already mean you want to see their posts………….so strange.

Anyways, I do not normally posts about this kind of stuff because to be honest…it’s a small problem.  But it will be a big change for business owners and entrepreneurs that are trying to continue to market themselves and hopefully do that in an organic and natural way through instagram and the benefits.  But as usual, things change and normally it’s because of money and higher power.  So, this is my post.  This is a lot of my opinion and not as technical as some other information you will find about this change….if you want to get into more details and algorithm and things…this isn’t your answer.  This is my opinion and thoughts on the situation.

I hope you have an amazing Monday, go enjoy the day 🙂



Instagram is changing……tomorrow.


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