First Hunt as a fiancé! And I got me my first Pintail :)

First hunt as a fiancé 🍾💍and I got me my first pintail! We had a single fly near the sink box and I got um…one shot…over Mack’s side and I WAS 😁😁😁 grinning!! It was a tough shot but damn it felt good! Hehehe it was a special day! Nothing beats a sink box hunt and especially two days after getting engaged 💛 It was a morning to remember!  #january18th #pintail #fiancé

As I said in one of my previous blog posts, “Sometimes I’m hesitant to share pictures or videos of hunting because in the back of my mind I feel somewhat guilty.  It has a different feel to me than fishing (which to most might sound silly) but, I LOVE animals.”  But another aspect I’m extremely passionate about is health and fitness and that’s why I love whenever we can harvest our own meat. I spoke a lot about my feelings on hunting and fishing versus buying meat at the grocery store in one of my latest blog posts as well.  You can find that article, here! Fishing and Hunting Versus Buying Meat at the grocery store. 

My Pops Calls me, “Annie Oakley”


The Future Mr. & Mrs. Hopkins 🙂

Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite 💛💍 cheers to forever with my best friend, my favorite fishing partner, my sharp shooter, my captain and the love of my life.  What we share is some kind of special…and I’m so thankful for the life we’ve already created together. I love you and our whole zoo of animals 😁 our future will be full of adventures, tons of fishing & hunting stories, and a lot of amazing meals 🎣We are so blessed! I can’t wait to marry you. #engaged #weregettingmarried #iloveyou


I loooooove cooking and creating new recipes and switching things up a lot!  I love whipping up a delicious but healthy meal with no fried foods, no dairy, no heavy oils, no processed package items or microwavable things.  It makes me feel good and light on my feet.  And yes, I love sharing some of these amazing meals like our previous garlic parmesan crusted sheepshead and our shrimp quesadillas but we definitely don’t eat like that every day!  Maybe on a weekend night when we have extra time or if we catch a nice really big ol’ fish or on a special occasion! But, I want to share some fun and super delicious recipes with y’all!  If you want more of my plant based and healthier meals…let me know and I’d love to share 🙂

This year we ate a lot of duck breasts, deer meat, and fish of course!  But the freezer is our best friend when it comes to freezing meat in bulk from hunting season so we can enjoy it throughout the year.  

Whole Duck

Surf n Turf 🙂