I thought about……


I thought about….

Today I sat. just sat. in silence for a while to meditate and take in different waves of energy that have been passing through my body and mind. I like silence. I believe our minds need to stay busy and inspired just as much as they need to be calm, quiet and centered. I knew I needed this time today…

I thought about life…and everything that has surrounded me throughout this journey….

I thought about family, friends, my business, living in Hatteras, traveling, passions, health and happiness.

I thought about energy you receive at all different moments throughout your life. I thought about how what some people call a “coincidence” others believe it’s destiny or manifestation or even spitefulness.

I thought about how lucky I am to be surrounded by my family, living a more simplistic lifestyle in hatteras, following my passions with photography.

Then I turn around and think about my free-spirited soul and my dreams of traveling the world, documenting real life happenings everyday, living with just what I can carry, including buxtons leash, and having less……because less is more.

I think about these things.

I think about how happy I am at this very moment. How I have created a business that portrays and speaks my personality along with learning about others and their unique relationships and lifestyle.

I think about how much love and passion I have towards spreading joy through gorgeous and special moments on this earth through photographs like peaceful early mornings, beach days, wedding days, new love, families, healthy recipes, inspirational people, and more.

I thought about how refreshing it feels to collaborate with other authentic and genuine people who are living their best life and sending a positive message out unto the world.

I thought about how I should be proud that I am independent and fly at my own pace, not letting other’s influence my style of work or business decisions.

I thought about how appreciative I am of just simply everything. A lot. Life moves fast and you can’t rewind.

Enjoy each day. Enjoy those who surround you and where you are. Enjoy it all.

These are my thoughts.

I thought about......by Caroline Jarvis Photography

This photograph is from last week….an evening spent with two gorgeous and inspiring ladies, Jess & Katie.  The founders of @villageyoga.  I traveled up to Duck & spent a few days with them collaborating, photographing their new studio spaces and enjoying life.  I cannot wait to share more from our time together.  Yoga, mindfullness and love.  It’s coming very very soon. xo

I thought about….

What do you think about on a daily bases, what are you thankful for?  Comment or share below or find more inspiration here.