Wedding & Event Musician – Jessie Taylor “A Major Harmony”by Caroline Jarvis Photography

I remember meeting Jessie for the first time about 5 years ago like it was yesterday. It was on the beach in Buxton by the first jetty on a day with beautiful blue skies and nice waves. She had killer tattoos, fresh fruit for everyone and such an awesome personality that we all sat and talked forever. I never knew that day that we would end up working together so much through our crafts, talents and passions as artists involved in the wedding industry. Jessie is an amazing musician. Her overall presence along with her talent is so so beautiful. I have always admired her and her extreme dedication once I found out her daily work schedule and how much she teaches, travels, plays and sings around the Outer Banks. Also, something that I thought was really special was that she and her husband, Patrick played at the very first wedding I ever photographed.

As some might know, as an artist in the wedding industry running your own business, your schedule is BUSY. You work on administrative tasks during the week and then you are out and about for weddings and events on many evenings throughout the week and most weekends from May-October. Our weekends are definitely not our off days. Jessie and I knew this season was off to big start and we wanted to collaborate this month before our schedules were booked solid.

This is what Jessie had sent me a couple days after our shoot 🙂

“I finally had the privilege to get some pictures recently taken by Caroline Jarvis. This photo shoot was something that we casually talked about for many months; honestly, a couple years. Our initial idea turned into something very different, and after finally getting together, I am so incredibly happy and impressed with how they turned out. Caroline asked for my ideas and more than surpassed the visions that were in my mind. On May 19, Caroline and I met in Buxton at the British Cemetery, the perfect spot for my forest vision. I felt more than comfortable and relaxed through the entire shoot, thanks to her open and creative mind. Thank you Caroline for taking the time to spend with me and capturing my musical heart.”

Jessie is an outstanding musician on the Outer Banks and she specializes in Weddings and Events everywhere in the OBX and Hampton roads.  If you are interested in learning more about her, you can visit her website here.  I am stoked to share these images with you all and be able to photograph and collaborate with other artists that I admire and love so much! I hope you all enjoy!



Wedding & Event Musician, “A Major Harmony” with Jessie Taylor